Christine Weidtke

The mistress of the house is German-born .. In 2005 she worked for the first time at the Hotel Stille as a waitress. The fascination of the catering / hotel she has equal tied. When her husband Thomas Weidtke, had to give up the management, she has decided to take over her husband’s place. Despite the leader’s job she tries the best to be a great team player.

In her free time she listens to music and loves to deal with diverse literary works. In addition, she takes her dog for a walk in the magnificent mountain scenery. She feels pretty comfortable in the beautiful Engadin, but actually her heart beats for Canada. Later, she would like to permanently settle down in their Canadian home.

“Don’t dream your life, live your dream.“

Lydia Renneberg

Lydia was born in Germany and 28 years old. During the year 2010, she worked as a waitress at Hotel Stille. The hotel industry has excited her so much, that she had decided to attend the Hotel Management School in Germany. Now she occupies the place of honor behind the front desk since 2014 . As a daughter of managing the two combines an intimate relationship.

When she is not working at the front desk, she loves riding the horse through the valley or watching all kind of movies.

„Laugh into the world, and the world will laugh right back.“

Vasilis Katsanakis

Vasilis is Greek by birth. He started his career at the Hotel Stille in the winter of 1986. A veteran of silence, you might say. As waitress, he is responsible for the smooth running between the kitchen and the guest. In his spare time he likes to go skiing. During the summer months, he works with his wife together on a camping in Greece.

„Health, happiness and love is all I need.“

Andrea Ponticiello

Andrea – half Italian and German. He cooks for the guests with a lot of “Amore” and the necessary know-how. He’s working in the hotel for a year now. In addition to cooking his passion is the jet ski riding on the “Lago di Como”. For the trip back home to Italy, he gets on his bike. The cruising provideds him the necessary balance.

„I take it as it comes.“

Roberta Cecini

Roberta is from Grosio in Italy. Her aunt is working at the hotel for 14 years and has introduced Roberta into the job of house keeping. Now she supports the hotel team as a maid and lingerie employees. As a frontier worker she drives every weekend back to Italy. Good humor is their distinctive feature. At work she is like a bee, you can hardly hear and see her, but the work is always done prematurely.

Hadja of Hegebachtal

The purebred Hovawart dog is now 9 years old and always present in the hotel, makes sure that everything goes in an orderly fashion. If someone is dog fan, you are welcome to borrow her for hiking. Basically she goes with anyone. She is happy if she meets some dog colleagues, like us.